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All ODDknit designs are free to view and download from and I hope you enjoy knitting them for yourself, or as gifts for others.

Please do not reproduce the designs or images without permission or sell items knitted from the designs for profit*.

Some ODD Ideas

That said, it is always fun to share odd ideas so if you would like to discuss the use of ODDknit resources please get in touch.


“Why can't I sell items knitted from your designs?”

I get asked this more than any other question so I'm going to add a bit more of an explanation.

Every month I dedicate around 30 hours of my spare time to designing, perfecting, photographing, writing up, and blogging about the knitting patterns that I give away for free on this site. I do it because it's fun and I'm nice. I do it because I want to share the joy of knitting weird little things with other people.

Outside updating the website, working a full-time job, and generally surviving, I occasionally knit my own designs for sale.

The main issue I have with other people selling ODDknits is not that it puts us in direct competition (though it does) but that it's so easy for someone else to make more money from my designs than I do.

When someone else knits/sells my designs they don't have to go through the lengthy invention process. If I and this other person sold identical ODDknits at identical prices I would make less money per hour worked and that feels... unfair. If this other person charges less than me (which they usually do, charge fairly for your time people!) it makes things even worse. Now I'm being undercut and less likely to make any sales at all.

The truth is that if you want to knit up the patterns I've put online and sell the results there's very little I can do to stop you (if you're doing it at a local level I probably won't even find out about it). I could stop uploading patterns, keep them secret and just sell the items, but I don't want to do that. The whole purpose of this website is to share the fun.

In summary, if you want to knit my designs for sale:

  1. I would personally prefer you didn't.
  2. But if you do sell items knitted from my designs please link back to
  3. Consider making a donation to keep the website running.