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ODDknit Levels

What are the Levels

All knitting patterns on this site have been given a level consisting of a letter and a number.

What Does the Letter Mean?

F patterns are worked in the FLAT.

Flat knitting is usually worked back and forth on two regular knitting needles.

R patterns are worked in the ROUND.

In round knitting each row is worked in the same direction on either double ended or circular needles. "R patterns" may also contain sections of flat knitting.

What Does the Number Mean?

The number represents how difficult the pattern is to knit. Level 1 patterns are easiest and Level 4 patterns are most difficult.

Level 1 patterns contain casting on, casting off and knitting. Many of these patterns look best if you can also change colour at the end of a row.

Level 2 patterns may also contain purling, colour changing mid-row, lose 1 decreases, make 1 increases and a lot more counting.

Level 3 patterns may be slightly more fiddly, they contain techniques such as taking the yarn forward or back and slipped stitches. The majority of stitches are still plain.

Level 4 patterns are definitely more fiddly and contain a larger percentage of pattern stitches than level 3 patterns. These patterns may also contain techniques such as short rows or cabling.