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What is an ODDknit?

An ODDknit is an object that is at least partly knitted. It might be odd-strange or it might be made with odd-ments of yarn.

Most ODDknits are small, but some are big. ODDknits aren't made out of the best wool (unless they are). ODDknits are completely useless – most of the time.

Above all else an ODDknit is fun.

Why does it have to be knitted?

The clue's in the name. Something can hardly be an ODDknit without the “knit” can it? All patterns on this site will requires at least a few stitches of knitting.

Why knit odd things?

The world is divided into two sorts of people:

  1. The sort who will look at a knitted conker and ask “why?!”
  2. The sort who will look at a knitted conker, chuckle a bit, go “oooh” and start squishing it.

ODDknits are for type 2 people. We make them because we enjoy them.

Why are they made from oddments?

Most knitters have a collection of scraps and leftovers of wool that they just can't bring themselves to throw them away. Making ODDknits uses them up. It also means you don't have to spend money to knit something new.

Why make small things?

Partly because they use up leftovers and partly because it is satisfying to knit something that is finished in a day.

Making small things is also a good way to practice new techniques. If you go wrong you haven't wasted six weeks of knitting, and if you get it right you have a finished object to show off.

Why are some ODDknits big then?

Most of the big knits on this site are made up of smaller, repeating sections. Others are made out of many colours. No ODDknit will require a full ball of yarn to make, but some may require small amounts of lots of colours.

Why not use good quality wool?

Of course you can if you like, ODDknits can be made with anything.

But isn't it more of a challenge to take something leftover, or cheap or recycled and make it into something beautiful?

Why knit something that's useless?

Because you're a type 2 sort of person.