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Apples (R2)

whole apple pattern

Our first step on the way to an ODDknit fruitbowl the knitted apple is now ready.

A printable version of this pattern is available.

You will need:

  • red/green and brown double knit
  • toy stuffing
  • 4 x double ended needles (3mm)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


(A list of abbreviations is available.)


Cast on 6 sts in green or red. Join the stitches into the round.

  1. Rounds 1-3: k –
  2. Round 4: [kfb, k1] x 3 (9)
  3. Round 5: [k2, kfb] x 3 (12)
  4. Round 6: k –
  5. Round 7: kfb x 12 (24)
  6. Round 8: k –
  7. Round 9: kfb x 24 (48)

Knit the next 24 rounds straight.

  1. Round 34: [k2tog, k6] x 6 (42)
  2. Round 35: [k3, k2tog, k2] x 6 (36)
  3. Round 36: k –
  4. Round 37: [k1, k2tog, k3] x 6 (30)
  5. Round 38: [k2, k2tog] x 6 (24)
  6. Round 39: k –
  7. Round 40: [k2tog, k2] x 6 (18)
  8. Round 41: [k1, k2tog] x 6 (12)
  9. Round 42 & 43: k –

Stuff the apple through the opening. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail, thread through remaining stitches and pull tight.


  • Using brown yarn cast on 3 stitches.
  • Work 6 rows i-cord.
  • Cast off in a straight line.

Making Up:

Sew the tail of yarn back and forth between the cast off point and the cast off point and the cast on point, pulling them towards each other so that a dimple forms at the top and bottom of the apple.

Yarn is sewn from the cast off point to the cast on point. And from the cast on point to the cast off point. Pulling the apple into shape.

Attach the stalk to the top of the apple and sew in any remaining loose ends.


Needle/Yarn Size

As with most ODDknit patterns the yarn and needle sizes in the "you will need" section are just a guide. Feel free to improvise with whatever needles and yarn you have lying around - that's half the fun!