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Bracelet Beads (R3)

bracelet made of knitted beads

These simple, funky bracelet beads are individually knitted and threaded onto stretchy cord. Have fun choosing colours or use up your leftover yarns for unpredictable combinations.

A printable version of this pattern is available.

You will need:

  • yarn leftovers (sock wool or 4ply)
  • toy stuffing
  • stretchy cord
  • strong glue
  • 4 x double ended knitting needles (2mm)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

Pattern (for each bead):

Cast on 5 stitches, divide them between three needles and join them into a round

(A list of abbreviations is available.)

  1. Round 1: [kfb] x 5 (10)
  2. Round 2: [kfb, k1] x 5 (15)
  3. Round 3: k –
  4. Round 4: [kfb, k2] x 5 (20)
  5. Round 5: k –
  6. Round 6: [kfb, k3] x 5 (25)

Knit 5 rounds straight.

  1. Round 12: [k3, k2tog] x 5 (20)
  2. Round 13: k –
  3. Round 14: [k2, k2tog] x 5 (15)
  4. Round 15: k –
  5. Round 16: [k1, k2tog] x 5 (10)
  6. Round 17: k –

Stuff the bead firmly. Cut the yarn, thread through remaining stitches and pull tight.

Making Up:

Work the pattern through until there are enough beads for a bracelet. You will probably need about nine beads in total but this varies depending or your wrist size and knitting tension. Work in all the loose ends of the yarn so they are lost inside the beads.

Using a sharp tapestry needle thread each bead onto a length of stretchy cord (you can use shearing elastic but there are stretchy beading cords available that look a lot prettier). Push the beads together so that the cord doesn't show between them. Loop into a bracelet and tie with a double knot. Fix the knot with a drop of strong glue, allow it to dry then trim the ends of the elastic close to the knot.

Diagram showing beads threaded onto the elastic cord


Starting the Beads

Rounds 1 and 2 of the bead pattern can be very fiddly to work. If you wait until there are more stitches on the needle before joining the work into the round then the result is slightly less neat but also less tricky. Try working as follows:

Cast on 5 stitches.

  1. Row 1: [kfb] x 5 (10)

Split these stitches between three needles. Join your knitting into the round and continue as for original pattern from round 2.

Needle/Yarn Size

As with most ODDknit patterns the yarn and needle sizes in the "you will need" section are just a guide. Feel free to improvise with whatever needles and yarn you have lying around - that's half the fun!