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July 2014

This month we have a guest cartoon by Emily Autumn Goddard.

Tangled Knitting

As you can tell my illustrious sister does much more sophisticated black and white doodles than me. Though I do like to think my knitting is tidier than that.

Check out more of Em's doodles on her inky tangle website or a larger variety of artwork on her main website.



I've been seduced by a new knitting technique.

In Britain the most common weight of yarn is called double knit (according to a conversion table on this website it's known as worsted weight in some foreign parts). I mention this because I was recently trying to find a good source of cheap double knit wool and instead of googling “cheap double knit wool” like I usually do I googled “double knitting”. Cue the sound of angels singing as I discovered there is a technique called double knitting. It allows you to work a double sided, double thick, patterned fabric that lies flat. Each side is the colour inverse of the other! You can work any pattern you like without worrying about floats!

Dotty double knit fabric

Isn't it beautiful.

This will all tie back into the beach theme... well I'm not actually sure how. I'll make it work. In the meantime expect a vast number of knitting charts to appear over the next week or so.