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September 2014

Summer is sort of over and I'm really excited about it.

Soon, my pretties.


Big Finale

This will be the last month of my beach themed summer project.

Over the next few weeks I'll be taking some photos of my small beach themed display and writing up the little patterns I've still got floating around from it. It's a nice feeling to have made something more sizeable than usual, it's kept me knitting during the summer lull and next time I do a craft fair I'll have multiples of shells and stones to put in it.

On the down-side I've found it harder to think of things to write about on this site, I've been knitting lots of multiples without inventing as much, and the patterns I have done have been getting more obscure. If I do a project again it will probably be during the summer when I get less traffic and need more motivation to knit. In the meantime I'll go back to making whatever takes my fancy.