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August 2014

I'm still a little distracted by designing knitting charts. Mostly because I don't like knitting when it gets too warm.

ODDknit knitting chart.

I have had some thoughts on how to link this to my beach theme. At the moment I'm thinking wood-patterned driftwood, a sandy background (with tiny shells?) or bladderwrack seaweed.


Teeny Tiny Shells

I'm having a lot more difficulty than I thought working the double knitting technique into my beach theme. The problem is that shaping double knitting gets complicated really quickly. If something is difficult to make then it usually gets complicated to write up, and I do try to make my instructions clear.

While I'm struggling with that I've also been knitting some tellin shells. Tellins are beautiful delicate little shells that you find down on the sandy part of the beach. I remember that they come in pastel shades but I don't actually remember which pastel shades so I need to do a little more research before I write them up. To Littlestone beach!

Tellin shell workings.


First Few

Turns out drawing up knitting charts neatly take a while. Here's the first set I've done. Note how there are wide blocks of colour. That's what makes me love the double knitting technique so much &ndash I can do bold patterns without worrying about how the floats will pull the fabric tight.