knitted devil's horn pattern knitted devil's tail pattern knitted devil's horn pattern knitted devil's tail pattern


October 2014

I'm starting to run out of knitting jokes. I need to get out and do something interesting so I can draw a cartoon of that instead...

Fowl is Fair-Isle

...but not this month.


The Return of Worm Dipping

Anyone remember the great worm dipping saga of 2012? No? Just me then.

Basically I knitted worms then tried to dye them so that the central part was darker than the ends. It didn't work. I think because I made the worms too wet and the colour spread.

This year I've revisited the worm pattern, tweaked it a bit and borrowed some silk paints. Yesterday I visited the local wool shop in a quest for the perfect base pink. The counter lady was surprisingly game when I asked her if she thought my choice of yarn was “wormy”. New pink in hand I knitted a series of worms and mixed up a batch of watery purple/pink silk paint.

The result was four freshly dipped worms, left to dry.

Four Freshly Dipped Worms.

This time when they dried the colour held much better. I finished off the worms by attaching the knitted clitellum (aka thicker body bit).

Four Finished Worms.


Bits and Pieces

I'm having the urge to revist some old patterns. Not the most productive thing so far, but I'm sure there are lots of almost-done patterns that I could finish off.

So far this weekend I've been making multiple versions of my pumpkin pattern. I played around with colours and adjusted the number of stitches to vary the sizes. I'm not sure what to do with the results other than 'Halloween display'.


I've also been fiddling with the site. You shouldn't notice much change as mostly I was adding analytics. I figure if I can find out what the most visited patterns are at certain times I could do some more on similar themes.


Devilish Designs

I've done a devil's tail pattern so I decided to make some horns to go with it. I did a really simple cone shape version that took well under an hour. I was going to fancy them up a bit but they don't really need it. I've added some hair grips for easy attachment.

Selfie with knitted devil horns.