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March 2015

After the sad news about Leonard Nimoy I've been rewatching a lot of Star Trek. It's made me really, really want a transporter.

Beam me up.

Just imagine how much easier it would make shopping trips and commuting to work and day trips and holidays. Yeah, get on that science.



Despite a huge push to finish my blanket in February I didn't quite make it. I'm nearly done now though, partially thanks to discovering I can read ebooks on screen while I garter stitch. Bliss.

February's wool softening experiments have dried out and I'm happy to report that both the vinegar and hair conditioned patches are both considerably less scratchy. They're also neater since I effectively blocked them.

Softened Patches

The hair conditioner method was probably my favourite to do. Damp wool + hair conditioner smells lovely, whereas damp wool + vinegar smells awful. I have to admit that since they dried out both patches smell pleasant enough but during the doing there was a sharp contrast. Final results wise the patches feel equally soft, though there seems to be a slight residue on the hair-conditioner patch. I'm giving it a second rinse and checking back, possibly with an impartial tester.