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September 2015

If you're a regular visitor you've probably already noticed the irritating cookie warning at the bottom of the page. Sorry about that, I don't like them either but the EU said I had to. Click it and it should go away.

cartoon cookies

If you'd like to read more about what sort of cookies this website uses I've done a special information page about it.

18/09/2015 - Part 2


I've now typed 'cookies' so often that it doesn't look like a word anymore.

To celebrate an end of thinking about computer!cookies I've knitted some of the fun kind. Usually when I knit flat discs I keep the increases evenly spaced to give a neat finish. The top sides of cookies aren't neat though, so this time I've bunched each round's increases together at a random position on the circle. The result is pretty scruffy, but it makes them look less knitted.


Not So Busy Busy

Finally some breathing room. I'm planning on booking some time off work over the next couple of months to really get on top of things here. The weather's cooling, the knitwear is emerging and the big lead up to Christmas knit is almost upon us!