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Mistletoe (R2)

mistletoe with berries

Nothing says Christmas like parasitic vegetation. Except holly. And ivy. Also fir trees. Maybe poinsettias too. But mistletoe is definitely up there.

A printable version of this pattern is available.

You will need:

  • yarn in dark green and white (double knit)
  • 4 x double ended knitting needles (3.25mm)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


(A list of abbreviations is available.)


Cast on 6sts in green and join into the round.

  1. Round 1: [k1, p2] x 2
  2. Round 2: [k1, pfb x 2] x 2 (10)
  3. Round 3: [k1, p4] x 2
  4. Round 4: [k1, p1, pfb, p2] x 2 (12)
  5. Round 5: [k1, p5] x 2

Repeat the last round four more times.

  1. Round 10: [k1, p2tog, p3] x 2 (10)
  2. Round 11: [k1, p4] x 2
  3. Round 12: [k1, p1, p2tog, p1] x 2 (8)
  4. Round 13: [k1, p3] x 2
  5. Round 14: [k1, p2tog, p1] x 2 (6)
  6. Round 15: [k1, p2] x 2
  7. Round 16: [k1, p2tog] x 2 (4)
  8. Round 17: k2togtbl x 2 (2)

Cut yarn, leaving a tail long enough to do a little sewing, and reserve both stitches.

Start again and work to the end of Round 17. This time don't cut the yarn, instead knit across the 2 sts from the first leaf (4).

I-cord 2-4 cm.

Cut the yarn and reserve your first pair of leaves. Repeat the whole pattern again to make a second set of leaves. This time don't cut the yarn, instead k2tog, k2 across the live i-cord, then k2tog, k2 across the reserved i-cord (6).

I-cord 3-6 cm.

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.


Cast on 5 stitches in white and join into the round.

  1. Round 1: kfb x 5
  2. Rounds 2 & 3: k –

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight.

Making Up:

Join the knitted stitches at the tips of the leaves using a single chain stitch. Lose the loose end inside the leaf. Connect the base of the leaves together with a couple of extra stitches, then embroider the largest French knot you dare at the join (I wrapped the yarn around five times and it still came out a bit small). Lose the rest of the loose ends as neatly as possible.

Sew the white berries at point where the three lengths of i-cord join.

Because mistletoe is a plant it doesn't always grow neatly or regularly which is why I gave such big variations in the lengths of i-cord. Try knitting a few extra pairs of leaves and sewing them onto the i-cords at different points. Add in more berries. Or don't. Keep things different.


Needle/Yarn Size

As with most ODDknit patterns the yarn and needle sizes in the "you will need" section are just a guide. Feel free to improvise with whatever needles and yarn you have lying around - that's half the fun!